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Sweet on desserts? You've come to the right place! Pizza Inn is home of the world’s first and only Pizzert® dessert pizza. From chocolate chip to Bavarian Crème to real fruit toppings, Pizzerts® are a little slice of heaven for the discriminating sweet tooth. For cinnamon lovers, there’s our Cinnamon Stromboli™, a crunchy, gooey, tender – baked pastry confection that makes a sweet ending to any Pizza Inn meal, or a special breakfast treat. Try one today!

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Cinnamon Stromboli

A deliciously different Italian treat that has become a Pizza Inn specialty. A scrumptious blend of cinnamon, sugar and chopped nuts nestled between layers of flaky crust... then topped with our own cinnamon and sugar glaze.

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It's a pizza - it's a dessert!  If you love both, you'll flip over our unique dessert pizzas...Pizzerts®. We start with fresh pizza dough, add the yummiest toppings around and bake it to perfection. Choose from our our traditional favorites such as chocolate chip, Bavarian Creme and our fruit of the day. Get one to-go!